Everyone’s favorite scarf is back in 14 new, beautiful colors! With these new colors, we thought we could get creative with how to wear these soft beauties, so without further ado: 5 simple ways to tie your favorite scarf.

The Once Around

Our go-to daily scarf wear isn’t a tie at all, just hold one end, wrap the other around you neck once and let the ends hang loose. Skip the jewelry and fluff up the neck area for a beautiful, framed face look.

The Classic

Elongate your frame with this classic scarf knot. Loop the scarf once around your neck with the ends hanging loose in front. Next, thread each end back through the loop. If you’d like a shorter length, just thread the ends back through a second time.

The Loop

Fantastic for warmth, to create the loop, fold your scarf in half and hold both ends. While holding, wrap the scarf around your neck and thread the loose ends through the loop end. Ta da!

The Weave

The weave is an easy twist on the loop. After draping the scarf around your neck, just thread one loose end through the loop. Once through, create some space in the loop at the bottom and twist once before threading the second end through.

The Knot

Another warm go-to! After a tight wrap around the neck, take your loose ends and tie one knot. Adjust so the ends hang nicely. We love this tied up around the neck like pictured, or hung looser in the summer time.

In any season, scarves are a fantastic way to add a pop of color, or just some coziness to any outfit. So start with these basic ties and add some knots and loops to make your own favorite knot. At the end of the day, you’ll be happy you chose something soft and comfy for your outfit.