5 Interesting Facts about Cashmere

By FeineCashmere

Are you new to the world of Cashmere? Find out more about one of the most luxurious and sought after natural fibres with our 5 fun facts.

1) Cashmere is hypoallergenic

The fibres in Cashmere is very similar to sheep wool, however it’s lack of lanolin makes it hypoallergenic. This is why Cashmere makes a great material for young children and babies, due to its protective quality.

2) Microscopic and tiny

Cashmere fibres are so tiny that the diameter of one strand of yarn is about 1/10 the diameter of human hair. This means it takes a lot more to produce one Cashmere product. For example, producing one women’s scarf takes approximately 2-3 goats worth of wool.

3) Fibres from the goats

Male goats are more desired because they are able to produce larger quantities of wool. It is estimated that a goat is able to produce around 100 grams of usable fibre every year.

4) Sustainable wearability

Clothes made from Cashmere sustain keep their original shape and do not stretch or fade, given they are taken care of properly, ofcourse!

5) Colours

Cashmere comes in three colours naturally: gray, brown and white. However, these can be dyed into any colour. At Feine Cashmere, we have an extensive range of colour choices for the colourful mind!