While I’ve always had a passion for beautiful fabrics, running a cashmere factory, boutiques and online store keeps me busy. Having beautiful and comfortable clothing helps me relax and continue to remember why we started this wonderful business.

While my favorite products shift seasonally and when we introduce new styles, these are my top 5 right now.

The Slanted Poncho with Knotted Tassels

One of the most fun ponchos we’ve made so far! This makes me feel young again, the tassels move when you walk with such a fun swish and sway. The atlantic blue is particularly beautiful.

The Long Coat with Pockets

This is the perfect piece to wear at work. The large pockets will hold whatever you need and it adds a great touch of class to any outfit. Haystack is a fantastic warm neutral that compliments so many outfits.

The Hi-Low Boat Neck Cashmere Pullover

This is great for holidays and one of my summer essentials. It’s wonderful with shorts, a short skirt or even jeans. This is always in my bag for trips to the beach and countryside. New colors coming soon!

The Striped Poncho

A stunning addition for date night, I always get a few glances when I wear this poncho it really makes a statement. The ivory is especially beautiful.

The Robe

Of course, I couldn’t finish off the list without adding some of the loungewear. There’s nothing more relaxing than having a delightfully soft outfit for those weekends in. This robe makes a fantastic gift (even for yourself!)

While these are just 5 of the wardrobe items I love, we take pride in each piece we make and are always looking to learn more about what products you love! So leave us a comment below or reach out to us by email or phone.