Sorry gals, we have to say that the cutest pictures we’ve seen featuring cashmere include some adorable babies. Scroll through here to see some cute photos and then check out our full line of baby clothes and blankets. These soft items will be the hit at your next baby shower!

Cashmere is delightfully soft, so the items are destined to be a baby’s favorite clothing or blanket. They also are nicely lightweight, which makes lugging an extra set of clothes around a breeze.

Pictured Above: Hand Knitted Baby Cashmere Jacket in Air Blue

The sweetest nap

Pictured: Baby Blanket in Sky Dark Denim

That yawn

Pictured: Baby Blanket in Rosa Cyclam

Just loves hats

Pictured: Baby Polo in Ginger and the Baby Cashmere Cap in Nero Navy

A happy boy

Pictured: Baby Cable Blanket in Air Blue

We hope you enjoyed a glimpse at some adorable babies enjoying cashmere! Share your photos with #FeineCashmere online to be featured. You can shop the full baby section here.