How to transition from Winter to Spring

By Feine Cashmere


Spring season is here which means we’re trying out new styles and changing up our wardrobe to match the warmer weather. Lucky for you, we’ve got lots of ideas for ways you can make an entrance into having a fresh, vibrant new look.


After wrapping up in Cashmere during the cold, long winter, get ready to layer and shift into spring weather. Try new colour palettes, patterns and spring staples. Try to mix and match a combination of light layers, avoiding anything too thick or bulky- no one likes to feel too hot!


By wearing three light layers, this keeps you ready for all sorts of weather during spring. Try a light scarf or poncho over a flowy top and casual jeans. The Button Ponchette is stylish and part of our Luxe line, easy to throw on and great for spring.


PURE LUXE: The Button Ponchette

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We’ll keep you insulated during the cooler evenings, so be sure to wrap yourself warm in the night. Keep it classy with a chic cardigan, easy to slip on and off over one of your favourite tops. The Classic Round Neck Cardigan is perfect to pair with casual shorts and ideal for wearing when the temperatures drop in the evening. We love wearing this for the seasonal changes.

Classic Round Neck Cardigan

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We have plenty of colourful, lighter Cashmere to choose from for the transition into springtime, fill your wardrobe with bright and fun basics for layering.