Every woman should have a few perfect essential wardrobe pieces. These are the staples that work with all the lovely items in your closet.

White Tee – A cotton or linen blend t-shirt always comes in handy whether you’re pairing it with a blazer or your favorite skinny jeans.

Black Heels – We recommend finding the perfect fit in a pair of black heels. They pair with everything in your closet and will always come in handy when you’re donning your LBD for a night out.

A Cashmere Crew Neck in your favorite neutral – we recommend grey, but ivory, black or tan would work just as well. This is the sweater that looks amazing with jeans, slacks, a skirt… you name it.

A Classic Coat – Depending on where you live, this could be a trench coat that makes every outfit look put together or for colder places, a cashmere or wool wrap coat in a neutral color for everyday.

Perfect Jeans – You know the pair, they feel amazing when you slip them on. Those jeans are keepers and will help you create perfect casual looks.

A Silk Scarf – Yes, this one doesn’t seem like it should be included in the staples list, but a silk scarf is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Add this to any outfit for an instantly chic look.

Do you own these 6 items? We would love to hear your wardrobe essentials in the comments below.