We love to hear from you! We consider your comments and suggestions when we are creating new product lines, picking yarn colors, and more. Please help us to create and design products that you will love by reviewing your favorite items!

For the rest of 2016, review a product online and receive 20% off your next purchase! Reviewing is simple just follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your account or create an account with us in the upper right-hand corner of all pages online.

2. Navigate to your favorite product. We will click on the ‘Colour Block Poncho’.

3. Once you reach the product page, scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will see a portion called ‘Reviews’.

4. Choose a 1-5 ranking of Quality, Price, and Value. 5 means the highest quality and 1 means the lowest quality. Continue by adding your nickname, a summary of your review for the title, and review details in the large box. Great reviews include information on quality, fit, style, colors and anything else you think would help other shoppers. Then click submit on the lower right corner.

5. Once you hit submit, our team will be informed of your review and will be able to approve it’s posting online. Once approved, you’ll receive an email from us with your discount code for your next purchase. Please give our team up to 2 business days to respond.

Thanks for helping us create great products and happy reviewing!