Dear Feine Family & Friends,

Thank you for bringing us such a wonderful year in 2016. We’ve celebrated so many great accomplishments and it’s all because of your loyalty.

With our roots in a small Shanghai factory and starting with one small store in the French Concession, we are very happy to have just opened our 5th store in Hangzhou, China.

We have also now shipped internationally to 14 countries and will continue to offer free shipping in the New Year. It’s so exciting to see our cashmere items traveling to other corners of the planet.

We also had a little taste of fame this year when our close friend Yoshi was spotted in a photo with actor, Michael Douglas. Such a neat photo for our Instagram!

We are still sticking to our roots as a small company that only knits small batches of our quality cashmere items. My kids just visited the factory this week and had a great time learning how their favorite knits are made.

Thank you for making this year possible.


Anja Thorbecke-Jones