As we ring in the New Year, it’s a great time to think about goals and resolutions, but also a great time to move on from things that weren’t working for you in 2016. Cleaning out your closet can be a great start to a happier new 2017 you.

Here are the 6 items to throw away right now:

1. Clothes that don’t fit

Let’s face it we all want to change our diet and exercise habits in the new year. But go ahead and toss out those old items that don’t fit. When we fit back into those jeans, we are going to want new ones anyway. Nothing is better than a new pair of smaller jeans once you’ve reached your new goal.

2. Socks that don’t have pairs

Do we all suffer from this? The dryer seems to magically eat those socks. How about starting off 2017 with new socks to replace the single ones you’ve lost.

3. Anything in the ‘waiting to be fixed’ pile or anything with stains or holes

If you’ve spent this past season wearing your favorite sweater repeatedly, it’s probably showing the wear and tear. Free up a few hangers by tossing these items. If it’s something you’re truly in love with, buy a new one, we bet you’ll wear it out too.

4. Those old dresses in the back of your closet

You know the one we are talking about… maybe it’s your club dress or even the sweet one you wore to a first date way back when. If it’s dated and you haven’t worn it in awhile, donate it and let it live a new happier life in the New Year.

5. Clothes that are uncomfortable

Why spend this year squeezing into uncomfortable pants or trying not to scratch while wearing that uncomfortable top? Life is way to short for those clothing items.

6. Bright patterns you never wear

Yes, that bright red floral skirt is the cutest thing in your closet, but if it’s not something you reach for every few months, go ahead and add it to the donate pile. We love investing in the perfect neutrals for all occasions instead.

What are your recommendations for 2017? We would love to hear in the comments below.