We all have our favorite sweaters and the wonderful thing about cashmere is it will last for years when you care for it. When you are ready to store your cashmere, follow these tips to ensure you have many more seasons with your favorite pieces.

When you are wearing your cashmere frequently, spot clean and store folded on a shelf (instead of hanging). We love to stack ours with some lavender or scented sachets to keep them fresh.

When you are ready to put away your clothes for the next season, thoroughly wash and dry or dry clean your sweaters. Follow our care guide for washing here. Use a wool comb to remove any pills. You’ll be happy you did this step so your sweater is fresh when you’re ready to wear it again.

Pick your storage area – the best space is clean and damp free without any sunlight. The top of your closet or wardrobe is typically a great spot! You can store your sweaters in breathable bags. If you’d like to wrap with tissue paper or parchment paper, make sure it’s the acid-free version.

If you’ve ever had moths in your house, check in on your cashmere monthly to ensure that it’s bug free. We recommend a few cedar balls in your clothing storage areas. If you have seen some of the flying critters around, move your sweater into a plastic bag a put in your freezer overnight. Leave out on a towel to get rid of any moisture. This should prevent any moth larvae from hatching.

Hope you enjoy our tips and your cashmere for many seasons!