While traveling around Germany, Feine Cashmere founder, Anja Jones was amazed by the beauty of thousands of summer blooms lining the fields. The natural beauty radiates from each and she was inspired by the bright colors.

Many of us get in the habit of wearing neutrals everyday, but use these flowers as color inspiration for your future outfit choices! A pop of color is a great way to make a statement and, even better, bright colors can improve your mood.

Bright white – While not technically a color, but a neutral. Bright white gives the impression of airy lightness. It’s the perfect backdrop for other color combinations.

Pictured here: The Rainbow Scarf in Turkis

Pink – Often seen as a ‘pretty’ color. Pink an easy compliment with many other colors and shows happiness.

Pictured here: The Rainbow Scarf in Peony Rose

Blue – Calming and peaceful, blue is typically a staple in our wardrobes as jeans. Wear this on top with a scarf, sweater, or wrap for a cozy outfit and know that it pairs extremely well with white.

Pictured here: The Cocktail V Cashmere Sweater in Cornflower

Red – The strongest color statement. Use red as a strong accent for any outfit. Red is often associated with passion, energy and confidence so wear and be proud!

Pictured here: The The Soft Cashmere Scarf in Peony Rose

Orange – Another energetic color, orange will stand out in any setting. We love it paired with denim as the blue tones make it especially vibrant.

Pictured here: The Honeycomb Weave Sweater