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How to Handwash Cashmere and Wool

Comments  |   Posted in Caring for Cashmere   |  By lisa lisa

Cashmere is a delicate, luxury product and requires careful care and maintenance to ensure its softness. Read our step-by-step guide to washing cashmere and wool.

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5 Cashmere Care Tips You Need To Know

Comments  |   Posted in Accessories Inspiration Caring for Cashmere   |  By Agiyy Chung

Cashmere is a fine natural fabric that is sought after for its exceptionally soft touch and beautiful appearance, here are 5 Cashmere care tips that you need to know.

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Founder of Feine Cashmere, Anja, Shares her Top 5 Products

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Anja, founder of Feine Cashmere, shares her favorite products. Read more for details.

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