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Feine Kids Photoshoot 2016

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5 Ways to Tie Your Favorite Scarf

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Everyone’s favorite scarf is back in 14 new, beautiful colors! With these new colors, we thought we could get creative with how to wear these soft beauties, so without further ado: 5 simple ways to tie your favorite scarf.Read More

Products Kids will Love

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Having kids ourselves (and spoiling them with cashmere) has given us some great insight into what they love about their clothes. So here are the top 5 products for girls and boys that we know they’ll love.

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White Shorts + Cashmere

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White shorts are a great pairing with any top, but why not pair them with your favorite cardigan for a soft warm-weather look.

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Color Inspiration from Summer Blooms

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While traveling around Germany, Feine Cashmere founder, Anja Jones was amazed by the beauty of thousands of summer blooms lining the fields. The natural beauty radiates from each and she was inspired by the bright colors.

Many of us get in the habit of wearing neutrals everyday, but use these flowers as color inspiration for your future outfit choices! A pop of color is a great way to make a statement and, even better, bright colors can improve your mood.

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Women's Outfit Ideas for Every Vacation

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Picture yourself packing your suitcase and heading to the airport. Where are you flying off to next? Wherever it may be, here are some outfit (and vacation) ideas to help get your holiday plans rolling.

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Review Items for a Special Discount

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We love to hear from you! We consider your comments and suggestions when we are creating new product lines, picking yarn colors, and more. Please help us to create and design products that you will love by reviewing your favorite items!

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Back to School Clothing Essentials for the Whole Family

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As summer ends and school starts back up, having a few clothing staples in your closets will make the shifting schedules easier. It’s even better with the amazing softness of cashmere. So click read more to view items for the whole family.

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Loungewear – It Doesn't Get Cozier Than This

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In our busy days, finding time for rest and relaxation can be difficult. The next time you carve out some time for yourself, don’t forget to don your favorite cozy clothes for a relaxing morning or evening in. You’ll feel completely carefree in the comfort of cashmere.

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Simple Combinations for Layering Your Look

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It’s a beautiful time of year while the seasons shift, but it can also be difficult to find the perfect outfit to fit the sudden temperature changes. The solution: Layering. Yes, it requires a bit more thought, but with the right base pieces, you’ll be stacking on your sweaters in style in no time.

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